Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Solo Touch

The rigors of daily life and work have kept me quite busy. It has been over two weeks since my first posting.

However, another sexual door has opened in front of my eyes. While browsing search engines for blogs on the subject of masturbation, I found out a very hot website.

Solo is one of the hottest ones out there. You can read real anecdotes and fantasies of gals and guys engaging in Jack 'n' Jill. The best ones are the male-female stories.

Those are the ones that immediately makes my cock tumescent and puts my Cowper gland to seep that glorious clear fluid. I have to unfasten my belt, lower my pants and underwear and pull my now hard cock. The purplish cock head is dripping a long, clear string of precum. I scoop it with my middle finger and lick it all up. is a tasty nectar! I prefer it over semen, since its taste is not as strong. It is also less viscous.

Giving my now taut, big ball sac a nice squeeze and tug, I proceeded to gently rub my perineum (that sensitive area between my balls and my anus). In a matter of seconds, I felt my asshole get wet, gushing my tiny asshole and suddenly making it spasm repeatedly. My seat was wet with the musky juices. Wow!

Here's an excerpt of one of the letters that brought me to a very powerful climax. I shot a good three ropes of sticky cum juice all over the computer screen. It was a good two-week cum load!

Right at a year ago, we were taking inventory where I work. When closing time came, we still had more to go so we stayed over. I got out of my work clothes into something more comfortable and went back to counting. At around 7, two other employees finished there part and they left. This left just me and this man named James there. James was a few years older than me and was happily married. I was a divorcee. James and I were working in the same area. Several times I caught him looking at me. After closing, I had put on a pair of cut off shorts and I figured this was what he was looking at. I'm tall and will admit I do sport a very nice pair of legs. Men have always liked seeing and in some cases, feeling them. We were about to finish up when James stood up to move and I couldn't help but notice the big bulge in his pants. When I saw this, I knew what he had been looking at. These shorts also were so short that they also showed the bottoms of my cheeks. I felt sorry for James and knew what he was going through. He sat back down and was just finishing up when I went up to him. I again looked down and looked at the bulge. I said to him "James, did I get you like that" pointing to the bulge. James smiled at me and said "What do you think. You sure look good". I told him "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have put these things on". James said "Ahh, don't be sorry. I've been enjoying the the nice view although it does do things to me as you have seen". I then said "I made you like that. I'll take care of it for you if you want". James looked at me and said "Oh no. Remember; I'm a married man". I answered "I know you are. That's not what I meant. I was talking about this" as I showed him my loosely closed hand in the motion of giving a hand job. James then said "Oh, that's what you mean. Now, that's a little different". He started rubbing his hand on the bulge. I said "This will just be between you and me. Don't worry". I said to him "Come on" and walked off heading for the break area. We got there and I went into the ladies rest room and got my hand creme. I told James to lay on the sofa there. He did and I went over and undid his pants. I had him raise up and pulled them down. James had a beautiful cock. I then got a handful of paper towels and then came back over and sat by him on the edge. I poured some of the creme on my hand and placed it around his cock. James put a hand on one of my legs and he ask "May I"? I said "Of course. I know you're dying to feel them" I then proceeded to start stroking his big hard cock while he ran his hand all over my leg telling me "Oh damn, you feel good". In a few moments he started thrusting his hips up and down meeting my strokes and his breathing became labored. I knew he was about to blow. I held the paper towels in front of his cock and off it went. He shot a terrific amount of cum into it. It was more cum than I'd ever seen a man shoot off before and besides an ex, I've also had a lot of boyfriends that I've taken care of this way. I was sure wishing that James wasn't married. I would had loved to felt that thing of his deep inside of me. But, this wasn't to be. We then cleaned up, dressed, closed and locked the store and headed home. Jame commented to me that he sure hopes his wife isn't in the mood tonight. He said "I'll just have to use her old excuse of being too tired" and he laughed. Anyway, James was grateful for what I did to him. Both in getting him that way and then taking care of what it caused.

Oh, boy! It sure made my legs shake for a few seconds. I just imagined it was her soft, skillful hand stroking me. Thanks, GW (Solo Touch contribution # 27092) ; )

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